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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  March 22, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. >> we were talking about the commute in. it was rough. >> it was one of my top three worst commutes in my life. it took me an hour and 10 minutes to get here today and i thought i would die with my pearls on at least. [ laughter ] >> i really did. [ laughter ] >> looks good. >> it was that bad because we are the first ones out there on the road there's so much standing water plus a squall was going through so we had double the problems on the roads this morning. so when everybody gets out there, there will still be water on the road and scattered showers but wait until you see our hi-def doppler radar. this is live and the orange and red, that's what we drove through from the east bay. it was like skiing almost. i wish it was that smooth. we have a lot of scattered showers in the north bay. you see activity moderate rainfall around yountville and highway 12. and moderate rainfall discovery
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bay in the thick of it some very heavy downpours. that 580/680 corridor backing to union city. buying a break across the santa clara valley. see this right there? that's where we had the 800 homes flooded. so we are keeping an eye on that area with the light to moderate rainfall. santa cruz mountains you have the precipitation. look at that big cell. that's some heavy precipitation right now. mostly cloudy light rainfall over the bay bridge now. temperatures are mild still in the low 50s. cooler and partly sunny temperatures 50s, 60s. bigger storm heading this way. we'll track that together but first here's roqui. >> i'm glad you made it in safely. the maze to downtown 10 minutes but keep in mind there is a high wind advisory advisory across the span and, of course, the roads are very wet right now. same sorry at the san mateo bridge. hayward to foster city will
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take 15 minutes. we do have a crash in san jose that's northbound 101 after 13th street. it's a solo rollover crash partially blocking the right lane not many delays in the area so we'll keep an eye on it for you but it's still early. i'll send it to you. >> thank you, roqui. a terrifying ordeal at a bay area office park ends with a death of a gunman who chased an employee and opened fire. kpix 5's betty yu reports from redwood city with how it happened. >> reporter: redwood city police say the ex-husband showed up here at her workplace and started chasing her around the parking lot with a gun in hand when she refused to talk to him. a man who showed up at his ex- wife's office is dead after police say the 43-year-old shot himself in the face. when police first arrived, they found the woman hiding but unharmed. >> the suspect then took off running way from the police. the police pursued him knowing the -- the -- the pertinent facts that, one, he had a
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restraining order against him for domestic violence, and, two, that he had weapons registered to him. >> reporter: the ex-husband had been driving this pickup truck. police tried to get him to surrender but when he brandished a gun at the cops, there was an exchange of gunfire. one redwood city officer opened fire. but it's not clear if it hit him. he had already turned the gun on himself. the violence caps off a series of disturbing events that began earlier this month. police arrested him on an unrelated charge following a low level domestic dispute. >> we had another incident involving the two parties involved in this incident. the wife and her ex-husband where the ex-husband is believed to have broken into her house and caused a ruckus there with the -- with her present. >> reporter: redwood city police have not released the ex- husband's identity but describe him as someone not in the right mindset. that officer that fired that
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single gunshot is on routine paid administrative leave. betty yu kpix 5. san jose police have just released surveillance video to find two people accused of stealing jewelry. the clip shows a man and woman walking into the ben bridge jewelry store. this is at valley fair mall last december. the man leans over the counter to look at a diamond ring and then grabs it and starts running. even when he dropped the item, the man rushes to pick it up and heads out. the woman runs after him. here's a closer view of the suspect's faces. both are wanted for strong-arm robbery. a man is facing charges for kidnapping a man and forcing him to take out money from his bank account. police say the suspect drove the victim to this chase bank on mount diablo boulevard in lafayette yesterday. the victim told the bank tellers that he had been kidnapped. the employees then called police and officers arrested the suspect at the scene. 26-year-old manuel bustos was arrested for the crime. are heavy rain hitting the bay area this week some pleasanton families are bracing
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for more damage to their yards. people on foothill road near the aarroyo de la laguna creek have already seen much of the backyards broken up by erosion. caution tape lines the creek where crews from zone 7 worked yesterday to prevent erosion. tarps and sandbags were set up at nearby homes this weekend but some locals say they are worried about what this round of storms will bring. >> living on the edge literally, right? [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> that's just a couple of blocks from my house so i see that damage daily. but i was just thinking about what you said, what this round of storms will bring. we're going to see two more inches of rain but it's more of the water that they are letting loose from lake del valle because they had too much water they opened up the floodgates the water came rushing down arroyo de la laguna and into the alameda creek and into the san francisco bay so i don't think we are going to see additional problems? but the soil is already saturated so who's to say, right? they are experiencing those problems out there. we have more heavy rain on the way. this morning the heaviest rain is due east of the bay area.
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good morning, everybody. this is our live hi-def doppler radar. you see the heaviest concentration now from sacramento through stockton along highway 5. you probably even woke up to heavy raindrops on the rooftops. we still have behind it there from yountville to napa some heavy rainfall in its wake. we'll continue to see the scattered showers throughout the morning hours. and it looks like then we'll taper off. right now that 580/680 corridor we have plenty of precipitation that cell right there just blasting through the sunol grade. now, in the santa clara valley, i wanted to pinpoint the edendale that's because where we had destructive flooding raining moderately there. santa cruz mountains and san lorenzo park heavy rain. woodside will get nailed in the next couple of minutes. our live weather camera shows cloud cover over the bay bridge temperature-wise we are in the 50s. later today, we will have partly sunny skies in the afternoon. then it will be dry through
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thursday, bigger storm for friday. we'll track that coming up but first here's roqui. >> thank you, roberta. looks like that camera was ready for me. all right. it is 4:37. let's take a look at our bay bridge toll plaza heading into downtown san francisco. traffic moving smoothly here but we are -- we have wet roads so make sure you're prepared to drive very slowly this morning. the maze to downtown will take you about 10 minutes or so and expect high winds across the span. between hayward and foster city, make sure you're ready to drive safely between 880 and 101 into the peninsula. along the altamont pass, 30 miles per hour along the way into livermore where it frees up on the dublin interchange where it's slow. a crash in san jose northbound 101 after 13th street a solo rollover crash blocking the right lane and now we are seeing slowdowns at 40 miles per hour on northbound 101. and it is 4:37. we'll keep an eye on this for
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you as the morning progresses. i'll send it to you. >> thank you, roqui. president trump continues his push to build republican support for the plan to replace affordable care act. he warned gop house members to vote yes or face political consequences. house minority leader nancy pelosi last night urged fellow democrats to use all their time on the floor today to speak out against the bill. the presidential push came on day 2 of the confirmation hearings for president trump's supreme court nominee and for the first time, judge neil gorsuch publicly criticized president trump's attack on the federal judge who blocked his travel ban. >> when anyone criticizes the honesty or integrity the motives of a federal judge, i find that disheartening, i find that demoralizing. >> judge gorsuch will field more questions on capitol hill today. a san francisco teacher is placed on administrative leave after he is caught on hidden
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camera bragging about hitting students. but the group which recorded the video has misled the public in the past. joe vazquez has the story. >> two of our journalists went undercover. >> reporter: project veritas's video shows a teacher union leader in san francisco joking with about how he sometimes gets physical with children. >> reporter: antonio mankini is on leave from james lick middle school. he is the staff organizer and treasure your of united educators san francisco, the teachers union. the undercover videographer pretends to be a teacher asking advice after hitting a student. >> reporter: san francisco school district officials are investigating and take the allegations very seriously.
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>> i can only speak to the comments on the video. >> reporter: the teachers union also says it's investigating and has placed mankini on leave. >> when we do our full investigation, if it's determined that they are accurate that you know then we'll take action if necessary. >> my first concern as a parent and as an advocate for public schools is that every student is safe and well taught. >> reporter: annie is the spokesman for the nonprofit parents for public schools. she says given project veritas' history of producing false and misleading undercover videos, she has questions. >> my experience with our teachers has always been very positive and so i would always ask, you know, what is it that we really know? what's the truth here and what is it that they're after? >> reporter: you're skeptical? >> i am. i am. >> reporter: in san francisco, joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> project veritas is known for its secret recordings. last month it released more than 100 hours from inside the cnn newsroom.
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it's also targeted npr and planned parenthood. in 2009 it, went after the community group acorn posing as a pimp asking staffers about operating a brothel and evading taxes. it was later revealed that video was edited in a misleading way. activist james o'keefe paid a $100,000 settlement to an acorn employee who was fired for the video. and in 2010 he pleaded guilty to federal charges in connection with a break-in at a louisiana senator's office. time now 4:41. a long-time tradition will soon return to the bay area but animal activists are working to bring it to an end. we'll have details on the dispute. >> plus, why one bay area city will soon decide whether to ban a controversial flag. ,,
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against a group of squealing pigs. kpix five's cate cauguiran shows us why there's such a stark divide - over woodside's annual "pig scramble." growing concern in san jose county on a tradition that pits kids against pigs. kpix 5's cate caugiran shows just there's such a stark divide over woodside's annual pig scramble.
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>> ready, set, go! >> reporter: in woodside, the battle lines are drawn. on one side those who want to maintain a long-standing tradition. >> i think this is just lack of tolerance. and disrespects for people's rights. >> reporter: on the other, those who say they want to respect animal rights. >> it's obviously abusive, cruel, inhumane. >> reporter: the mounted patrol of san mateo county has hosted the 4th of july pig scramble for decades where young kids are let loose to try and capture baby pigs. >> these are children who at school are taught, all these things, you don't bully, you treat people and animals with respects, complete opposite. >> reporter: jennifer gonzalez is with the committee for humane woodside a neighborhood organization working to put this tradition to an end. but the mounted patrol says they will fight to keep it. >> we have been doing this for 40 years. and there has not been unincident where a pig is hurt on killed. >> that's dishonest. every pig is terrified and
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traumatized. >> reporter: the mounted patrol says the pig scramble is its biggest event of the year drawing hundreds of kids and families. >> it's a very, um, healthy environment. they all have a good time. if you look at the videos that have been taken, the kids are smiling. >> when you put animals in that situation to be terrorized by children, no, there's nothing nice about it. >> reporter: the two sides will duke it out at next week's town council meeting. the committee hopes the town will make a resolution to stop any animal scramble. but scramble or not, victor says the baby pigs in this event are sold within a week for slaughter. but they don't care. >> i think we owe it to every living creature to treat it as kindly as we can and if it's going to be killed for food, that should be done as quickly and humanely as possible. in milpitas the city trying to decide how to honor its vietnamese residents and recognize their home country.
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the city councilman wants the city to ban the socialist republic of vietnam flag. he says it's a symbol of communism. instead he wants to use the heritage and freedom flag which has three red stripes. >> it triggers painful memories, a lot of wounds not healed yet. i don't think, you know, they are healing anytime soon. >> the milpitas city council will decide on which flag next month. earlier this year san jose became the first bay area city to ban the communist flag. as the new round of storms arrives, more help is on the way for those for previous storms. santa clara, alameda, napa and san mateo counties are included in low cost loans and grants. city hall will open this morning for help with the process. time now 4:46. it's coming down. >> i have been trying to look at some of the photos online and seeing what i can share with all of you because there
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was a funnel cloud that did touch down. so it officially becomes a tornado outside of merced yesterday. it was just amazing! and we were forecasting that potential of severe weather there. this morning we have some severe weather that has already brushed through our bay area continuing to make tracks east. good morning, everyone! it's our live hi-def doppler radar. look at that line! streaming across highway 5 out of sacramento into stockton wrapping around 580 all the way to hollister. that is one dangerous line of pretty heavy precipitation. it whipped through the east bay between 2:00 and 3:00 this morning. brentwood, tracy, oakley, discovery bay, now what i'm talking about. you hear those heavy raindrops on the rooftops. then the nasty 580/680 corridor which is treacherous on a dry day. moderate to heavy rainfall there now. dave was in napa. he was reporting a thunderstorm. sorry to get through that so
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quickly, dave. thunderstorm activity earlier this morning in the napa area. now we just have some rain showers. right now we do have winds slight except in san ramon up to 12. these winds will rotate later today to the northwest and pick up 10 to 15 miles per hour. so here we go with this latest disturbance slicing through the bay area. a lot of instability behind it so i have to keep a scattered shower or even a thunderstorm in the forecast today. then we have another round of precipitation queued up ready to move into our bay area on friday. here's our futurecast. and you can see the line passing through still to the east of us. a scattered hit-and-miss shower during the lunch hour and then we begin to dry out by the evening commute. it's going to be mostly sunny on your thursday before we start to see the increasing cloud cover from the north and here comes the next round of precipitation. that is for your friday morning in the north bay. then swinging across the central bay before the lunch hour hanging out across the santa clara valley in the east bay towards that evening
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commute in the overnight hours through early saturday morning. we are going to pick up easily another 2.5" of rain from this particular system that's coming in. some of the coastal areas could see as high as 3 inches of rain. now, meanwhile, we do have at the crest of the high sierra a winter weather advisory still in effect for a foot of snow in the highest elevations. official sun-up is at 7:11. by the time it sets, these are the temperatures. and they are coming down in comparison to monday and tuesday. we are talking temperatures 50s and low 60s now which is pretty seasonal for this springtime. the extended forecast does call for a sunny day before the increasing clouds thicken on thursday. rain and wind very gusty winds. there will be downed trees on friday. could have some lingering showers early on saturday morning before becoming partly cloudy. the bulk of sunday will be dry before more rain pushes in by sunday evening into monday. looks dry at this time on tuesday. but roqui, we sure hope the spring showers bring what? >> spring flowers?
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[ laughter ] >> right? >> you think? >> and okay, so now let's get to our traffic alert. have to be serious, roberta. [ laughter ] >> all right. it's 4:49. let's check oakland. westbound 580 before harrison street it's a three-car crash blocking all lanes here so chp is on scene saying they suggest you go ahead and take northbound 880 as your alternate because traffic is stopped and it's only moving at just 17 miles per hour so don't get stuck in that craziness out there. we hope that everybody is okay. moving over now to the alternate, northbound 880 from 238 to the maze will only take about 10 minutes or so looking good in both directions. and if you are heading into the peninsula here's a live look at the san mateo bridge, traffic moving smoothly but, of course, you have a lot of wet roads to deal without there. moving over now to the bay bridge toll plaza the maze to downtown will take you about 10 minutes or so and also expect high winds across the span. and if you are heading to the altamont pass very slow coming out of tracy off 205 at just 15 miles per hour. then up to about 30 once you hit north flynn road. so here's a look in san jose.
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northbound 101 getting worse here after 13th street a solo rollover crash partially block the right lane now speeds are just at 19 miles per hour. this is our first time seeing red here in the area and we'll keep an eye on that. if you are trying to avoid the roads this morning, because it is wet, here's bart, ace train, muni and caltrain all on time. i'll send it to you. >> thank you, roqui. time now 4:51. it's a match made in heaven. how a bay area man and his dog both had hardships to end up as the perfect pair. >> and an unbelievable scene in kansas city where an eight- alarm fire has destroyed dozens of homes. ,,
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significant damage in parts of georgia - after powerful storms
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good morning. 4:53. this is our live hi-def doppler radar. look at the screen, all lit up with the yellow and orange. that has been pounding the bay area since about 1:00 this morning. now traversing making tracks toward the central valley. we had a thunderstorm reported in napa and now in its wake a lot of instability with scattered showers for the morning commute. we'll keep you updated as the news continues. >> thank you, roberta. moving to traffic now trouble in oakland. we have a chp traffic alert on westbound 580 before harrison street. it's a three-car crash blocking all lanes. chp is saying take northbound 880 and how is that looking? good. >> significant damage in parts of georgia after powerful storms brought hail the size of golf balls. more than 100,000 people lost power last night with severe thunderstorm warnings affecting dozens of counties. winds reached 60 miles an hour in some areas and at least one person died during the storms after a large tree fell on to a house. investigators say a massive
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apartment fire that erupted in a kansas city suburb is the biggest in the city's history. it erupted yesterday at a luxury complex in over land park. three firefighters were hurt and nearby two dozen homes were destroyed. the building was under construction. officials say some of the wood accidentally caught fire. investigators believe the damage will cost millions of dollars. in the south bay a stray dog gets hurt in a car accident and the man who takes the dog in knows just the kind of loss that she does. kpix 5's john ramos shows us why the match was meant to be. >> reporter: the dog was hit by a car. our story last week revealed an anonymous donor would pay for her amputation only if she was adopted by a human amputee. on saturday she found bob padilla. >> i'm the new dad. that's my job. >> reporter: bob lost his leg to diabetes two years ago and
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recently he and his wife bonnie lost their own beloved pet dog, as well. so to this couple, our story felt less like news and more lie fate. >> got up that morning, saw the three-legged dog on the tv. i had been waiting for a sign of when it was ready -- when we were going to be ready to adopt again. >> i said, honey what bigger sign can you get than that? i'm an amputee. >> reporter: though sort of sums up bob. he thinks he has to remind people he is an amputee mainly because he doesn't really think much about it himself. >> after i lost the leg, i didn't look at it as a disabilities. it was a challenge, hurdle. you move on, not a big deal. >> reporter: bob has adapted so well that just six months after his amputation he competed in a swim from alcatraz. as for the dog? the shelter felt her can do attitude would help someone struggling with the loss of a limb but it turns out she found
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a kindred spirit, as well. >> how can you beat this? look at this face. this is unconditional love. >> reporter: no one here feels sorry for themselves. between them they have four good legs and as long as they stick together that ought to be enough. in santa clara, john ramos, kpix 5. you know of red light cameras. how about speed cameras? coming up, a new way you might get caught redhanded. >> santa clara water district leaders under fire for failing to tell flood victims of the rising water last month. what they plan to tell them tonight. ♪[ music ] ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside... tch -- with good morning, it is wednesday, march 22. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look idthis morning. we are on storm watch with another wet commute in store.
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on the left we have sfo and on the right, a live look. delays on some arriving flights flights. there are some tough driving conditions around san francisco this morning. this is what the drive looked like not too long ago on franklin street. wet commute. >> you want to go slow and windshield wipers. >> roberta says this is one of the worst commutes she has ever had. >> in 21 years. let me tell you two things this morning. as an aspirin and a massage are needed! we have difficulties when we head on the roads at 2:30 a.m. because there's a lot of standing water, there aren't enough cars to swoosh the cars off the road and we were driving through an intense squall line. be careful even though the squall is east of us, a lot of scattered showers in its wake. look at that! look how huge that is! even i'm


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